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Ever wondered what it might have felt like?

To be there. To see it with your own two eyes.

To experience the joy; festivity, sorrow, despair, betrayal, pain, shock, and celebration of the Easter story?

Hosted at the Gateway Centre in Acomb, this year Feaster will involve an Easter Walkthrough Experience - helping you to experience the Easter story as if you were seeing it first-hand. You'll experience the events of Palm Sunday, the Last Supper (which will include sharing a meal together of course!), the Garden of Gethsemane, the trial of Jesus, the Cross and the Resurrection. The event will end with an opportunity to worship Jesus together with a fresh understanding of why the Gospel is such GOOD NEWS!

The whole thing will run from 4-7pm on Thursday 28th March. The cost will be £5 per person.

If you're in Year 12 or 13, you're welcome to come along early and help us to setup and run the event as one of our wonderful Young Leaders!


We had an amazing time at Feaster 2024!

Watch this space for updates on Feaster 2025!

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